Posted by: hockeygrl1 | February 10, 2011

Life isn’t all bad

The greatest thing I have in my life is my children. They give me strength, they make me laugh, and they give me hope.

They can see by the look on my face that I’m in pain and tell me a funny story to cheer me up. Brandon does this especially well. Who would have thought a shy geek could have so much comedy in him?

He was in Drama II this fall. This is a kid who hates giving speeches or even just talking in front of the class, but he did shine! I’d help him memorize lines and the focus was on comedy so he was in his element. His teacher uses one of his skits as an example in her other classes now. It was a skit kinda like you’d see in “Who’s Line Is it Anyhow.” They had 20 random sentences to memorize and they had to make a skit around them. Him and his partner decided that they were going to be mental patients in straight jackets. I wish she would have recorded it. They had the class in stitches! The teacher couldn’t even take notes on the performance because she was so in to it. They got an A! The way he talked about it, all glowing and proud, still makes my heart warm.

They also had to remake a movie skit. I’m going to try to attach him and Sai Piccalo’s performance. You’ll see the original and then them.

Now for my beautiful daughter. School is harder for her, like it was for my sister. I don’t understand what she’s going through with that because I am like Brandon and school was and still is easy for me. She excels in art. Cassie has a talent for dancing and drawing that I admire. She’s graceful and athletic and can transform a song into a beautiful dance story. She can take a blank sheet a paper and turn it in to a beautiful picture. She uses her art to support me by making beautiful butterflies and ribbons. You see a painting done by her in art class. She received an A on it and her teacher uses it as an example.

So Life isn’t all bad. We have our joy and happiness. We have our support system of each other and our love is what I need.


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