Posted by: hockeygrl1 | February 25, 2011

A minor set back

I don’t know how I feel about being sicker again. Things had been going better for a while; I had more energy and was getting out and doing more. I was even helping my friend in her Beauty Shop one day a week. It felt good to be involved in normal life events.

Now my lupus is acting up again and I’m back on the roller coaster. Both because of the illness and the drugs. I’m up to 40 mg of prednisone. Yuck! I know it’s a small amount, but even 1 mg makes me crazy. With 40 I’m a moody, hungry, nervous, bitch! Oh yeah, I have OCD symptoms as well. Everything needs to be in its place! Nice and neat and how I like it. That doesn’t help the exhaustion at all because I can’t stop until it’s right. It’s crazy, but my mind just makes me do it. My mind is another thing it’s racing this way and that. Can’t focus on one thing for very long. I understand how my brother feels with his ADHD now. I bet you can tell the difference in my writing already; not focused at all.

Even making jewelry is hard because my hands shake like someone with parkinson’s. That makes it hard to do the little fine things that I’ve taken for granted in the 6 months I’ve been off steriods.

Well…. I’m waiting to hear from the doctor. He’s pretty sure that it’s just pleurisy that is causing my chest pain and the steriods should take care of it eventually. I have vicodine as well for the pain. I do have a history of blood clots too. He did a blood test and if that comes back positive, I’ll have to have a CAT scan with contrast. I’m nervous about that because my kidneys are a big problem with my lupus and the contrast could make that all act up again. But it’s either do that or die from a clot….. So if there’s a clot back to shots and blood thinners. When I’m on those with steriods, I really bruise easily so I may look like someone beat me. HAHA blame it on my kids! Just kidding of course.

My kids had been great this month with me being sicker. They help with cleaning and cooking and taking bella out to play. They have also been good about asking for help early with their homework since I’m in bed by 9-9:30 most nights (even 8 on some). Brandon had me order some lupus bracelets so he could wear one around school. He even wants a t-shirt to wear in May for lupus awareness month. I’m guna make sure it’s a girlie purple just for him. 🙂

I’m supposed to go to a benefit for one of my dad’s cousins tomorrow. He has brain cancer (I’m thinking of you Nikki) and had to have part of a lung removed from cancer as well. I don’t think I’ll go because an additional virus of some kind right now will do me in. That’s why I’ve been a home body. That and I’m really tired all the time. Going through all the motions to make myself presentable is just too much work.

So, That’s what’s up right now.



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