Posted by: hockeygrl1 | March 2, 2011

Why I make jewelry

I know, can you believe it. Me, a self proclaimed tom-boy, makes jewelry. Would you believe it? You should, because it’s true.

You might be wondering why I’ve began this hobby, other than I have a lot of time on my hands now, so I’m going to tell you.

I Love Rocks!!!

Yep, it all started because I love rocks. They’re beautiful, natural, you know, natures jewels. I guess I got this from my dad. We can go up to Duluth, sit on a rocky beach and look for agates for hours. I’ve got quite a collection and for my birthday this year my parents got me a polisher. Once I saw the beauty of my polished pieces, I had to find a way to display them. What’s better then making them a wearable art piece.

I think it’s funny because I thought of jewelry making as beading. I don’t like pieces with a lot of beading. I guess they’re too busy for me. I like the look of metal and wire. Wire wrapping the polish stones and adding them to a chain I made myself is very rewarding. At first, I was buying my cones and hooks to finish my jewelry, now I make my own. I take pride in the fact I can say, “I made that piece from some wire and a rock.”


are times when I can’t make anything; when the arthritis pain in my hands it too great. Lucky for me Fire Mountain Gems sends catalogs often so I can flip threw them and come up with new ideas for my art pieces. There are also some great websites that I’ve found that have tutorials so I can learn new techniques. Cassie is also getting in to it. She has taken some time to wrap some rocks and her friends love what she’s done.

For now, this is the perfect project for me. I can pick up a piece when I’m well enough and put it down when I get tired. It’s something I can start and stop at will. (God I wish I could find an employer that would let me do this!) I can work for an hour or two and then take a nap or if I can’t sleep at night because I’m in pain, I can work on a piece. (I know there isn’t a job out there that allows this kind of flexibility, blah!)

There are definitely more techniques I’d like to try, but they take special equipment that I can’t afford. (Maybe when I win the lottery :)) I’d like to make my own lampwork beads. This would take torches and a kiln. Also using metal clay would be fun, but again with the kiln. Another great thing is having the ability to drill holes in my rocks to use them more like beads, but that drill press is costly too.

So for now, wire wrapping it is! If you see me scrutinizing a Lia Sophia catalog, you’ll know why…. I’m getting ideas on what to make! lol, I decided I’m not longer going to buy jewelry, I’m going to make it myself. It makes it much more special and personal and it’s one of a kind. Try as I might, no 2 pieces look exactly alike.

I may be

doing a craft show the end of this month in Becker to show and sell some of my pieces. I hope you stop by and say ‘HI’ if I do. If you buy one of these pieces, you’ll know it’s an original, a piece of art, that you get to display every time you wear it!

BraceletsThree of my creations. One is a dangle bead bracelet in silver and gold. The other 2 are rocks I’ve polished wrapped in gold or silver wire.




Bead BraceletsThese are wire and bead bracelets. One is silver and one is gold.




Wire weave braceletsFinally, some wire weave bracelets. I weave the wire to make the chain then add the pandora style beads over or one with a polished rock in the middle. You cannot add and take away beads without taking apart the bracelet.


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