Posted by: hockeygrl1 | March 4, 2011

“How about cupcakes?”

As people close to me and living with me know, I’ve been obsessed with eating cupcakes lately. My kids asked me why last night because they know when I’m on prednisone I gain weight and the cupcakes aren’t helping with that and I couldn’t give them a reason why. So, I was thinking about it last night while waiting for sleep to come (this is at 8pm last night due to an early rising and doing way too much yesterday) and I think I have an answer.

What could be a better way to go back in time and enjoy a love of childhood better than a cupcake! Yep, I eat them because they remind me of a happier time, a time when there was no illness and I had endless energy. A time when I didn’t have to remember to put sunscreen on to go out and play in the sun and when you’d take medicine for 10 days and you’d feel better after 3 days of medicine. You know, childhood, when everything was easier.

Cupcakes also look so happy. They have cute wrappings and sprinkles and little decorator sticks in them. They always make people smile. The best part is watching my little niece eat them.  I’ll bring one up stairs after she eats all her lunch or dinner and as soon as she sees it she makes a big surprised face and covers her mouth with her hands and says “wow!.” Then she has to eat each little sprinkle off the frosting, one by one. It’s so cute. She even picks ones up that she drops on her high chair tray. Then she pinches little bits of frosting off and eats it. Finally, she’ll eat the cake. I just sit there and watch her. It makes me happy to see her so happy.

Right now I like the store-bought ones best. I guess it’s because I don’t have a good recipe. So, do any of you out here have a good yellow cake recipe? I like yellow cupcakes! Oh, I need a good butter cream frosting too. I guess while I’m in this cupcake obsession I should learn to bake the best cupcake in Minnesota! I have plenty of family living with me in my mom’s house to judge and I can write a review of each recipe I try. Kind of like that movie Julie and Julia. Maybe I’ll do one recipe a week instead of one a day. Got to give this spoonie her rest!

I even bought pink leopard print cupcake papers to start. Yesterday I made pumpkin bars and with the batter baked 3 pumpkin cupcakes. They had cream cheese frosting. Yummy! I’m going to try moms carrot cake too, in cupcakes of course. What fun! It will give me something to look forward too. I haven’t had much of that lately.

The title comes from the video below. My parents saw this video on AFV just as my cupcake obsession began. They think I should be in it! Enjoy!


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