Posted by: hockeygrl1 | March 10, 2011

“I hate squirrels” A story about my dog, Bella

I have a dog named Bella. She’s just your average mutt with a golden retriever, black lab and cocker spaniel mix in her.  My little 45 pound bundle of energy. I’ve often wondered, since I’ve been sick, what she is thinking or what she would  say if she could talk. Bella is very expressive with her ears and eyes and sometimes I really think she understands me.  She’s very intelligent and even knows how to “move over” when she takes my spot. Bella is what gets me out of bed most  mornings and keeps me moving in some way.

But back to what she’d say if she could talk. Bella is my first dog so I didn’t really believe the squirrel obsession people  talked about. I’d think, “really, they shake and whine because they want to play with them.” I found out soon enough how true it was. She was just a pup, a little cuddly ball of puppy fur, and she’d jump up in the bay window and watch the squirrels eat at my bird feeder. She’d stand up on her back paws and paw at the window trying to get out. The kids started to tease her then. They’d say, “The squirrel is guna get your toy” and Bella would run to protect it. She really believed that the squirrel was going to come in the house and get it, I guess. That’s when we started called them “mean old squirrels.” I don’t think that helped at all.

This progressed to her shaking in the window once the adrenaline would start to flow. I’d say, “Wana get the squirrel?”  She’d run as fast as she could to the door; her back-end sliding around the corner and the wood floor and smash into the  door. “Let me kill it, let me kill it” is what I think she’s thinking.  She’d whine until I opened it and then she’s off! Running  around the house trying to get the squirrel before it gets up the tree. I wonder if she swears in her head, “Damn I missed  it again.” She watches the squirrel jump from branch to branch across the treetops and I think she’s yelling, “Fall, miss  that one!” in her head. It’s always a while before she comes back panting and needing a drink of water. Bella never looks sad that she didn’t catch the squirrel so I bet she thinks, “I’ll have better luck next time.”

Now we live with my mom and dad and my brother and his family do too. So there are 3 dogs in the house all hating the  squirrels. They sit in moms picture window and shake. Every time a human gets up, they think they’re going out so they  run to the patio door. Hunter is the youngest at only a year old and he’s the worst. He runs into the door head first and  then paws at it thinking he can open it I guess. (This is why I wish they could talk!) The dumbest part of it all is how  Hunter cries and whines all the way around the house so the squirrels know they’re coming. I keep telling him that he’ll  never catch one if he’s not quiet, but he doesn’t listen. Each dog chases a squirrel up a tree and follows it through the woods. If I could only hear what the dogs say to each other.

“I think this one will fall.” Says Hunter.

“Why did you make so much noise?’ Says Bella.

“Yeah dumb ass.” Yells Rusty.

“I’m going to get one one of these days.” Says Bella.

The best part is when she’s riding in the car with me, looking out the window, and she sees a squirrel run in the road. She  kind of leans forward and I can tell she’s thinking “Hit it, mom. Come on, swerve to hit it.” I get closer and she gets  excited. “This time we’re guna get it” is what I think is going through her head. It runs across the front of the car “yes, we  got it this time!” She can’t see it out the front window anymore so she goes to the back and “Damn! It got away!”

I wonder what she’d do if she caught one. She’s often disemboweled her stuffed toys after shaking her head with them in  her mouth. It’s so cute when she does that and growls.  Would it be the kind of shock like a baby has when it notices it’s standing for the first time? You know the look, “Oh shit, I did it” and then the kid falls. Would she be so shocked she did it that she lets it go? Nope, I bet she’d bring it to the door and cry tell I got there so she could she me how good she is.

What if I did hit the squirrel with the car? lol I can hear her now, “Yes! Good one mom, you killed the mean old squirrel. Now can I eat it?” I can hear her telling Rusty and Hunter about it too. “Mom killed our arch nemesis, the squirrel! She’s guna let me eat it!” Would I be like a God in their eyes for killing it? “All worship queen Ann!”

Bella’s looking at me right now. I wonder what she’s thinking? I wish she could talk. You know, like the dogs in the  movie Up. I often think she’d be like Dug. “I just met you, but I think I love you.” That’s Bella. If you come over,  be prepared to be kissed. And she loves tennis balls. OK, wait, she loves anything that is round like a ball. She plays with  rocks too. “I got it. Let me pounce on it!” Bella plays ‘soccer’ with them. I think I’ll need to get a video of it when the snow  melts. Wait, snow! Yes, snowballs count too. I’ll throw it in a deep snow bank and she’ll dig it out. Than she carefully  carries it back to me. “I can’t break it. Soft mouth.”

She is the comic relief I need right now. Bella is always there, happy to see me and she doesn’t care what I look like, where I live or how much money I make, she just loves me. All she wants is to make me happy and she does.

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