Posted by: hockeygrl1 | March 14, 2011

My doctor would be proud

I woke up today, sleepy like usual. It seems since 2003 that’s all I’ve been, sleepy. Daylight savings time really messes with your body and I think it’s worse for the conically ill. Sure take an hour away from someone who wants to sleep all the time anyhow!

So after breakfast and 2 cups of coffee, I took a 2 hour nap. I’m still under the impression that caffeine will take some of this fatigue away. It never works, but I continue to try. I even had a Pepsi with my lunch and I want another nap. That’s not why my doctor would be proud.

She’d be proud that I have a treadmill and I have used it 2 days in a row. I’m not up to speed yet. Back in the day before I knew I was sick I’d trot along at 4 miles per hour. It was my slogging stage. Yes, I’m making up words. Slogging stands for slow jog. I wasn’t very graceful. You know, not a pretty stride and I was sucking wind, but it was a run and it made me feel good.

Right now I’m walking slowly along at 1.6 miles per hour and it’s not for a long time either, only 20 minutes. I guess I have to start slow, again. After a few years of being in and out of hospitals and taking toxic medications, my body needs time to gain strength. Gain strength, I was strong when I get sick, in better shape then I had been in years, and I left the hospital 2 weeks later weak. I’ve been trying to find strength since then. Not mental strength, I have that, but physical strength to make it through a day without napping.

I don’t get out much, both because of my sleepiness and because I don’t need to get germs from you healthy folks. This writing has become my friend and a way to continue to stretch my mind. I just got 2 books on lupus in the mail today! I’m excited to see if there is any new information in them. This is another way to stretch my mind and share all the information I know with you poor people who read what I write.

So, my doctor would be proud of me today. She keeps telling me that exercise helps the fatigue of lupus. I’m waiting for it to happen. Maybe after this short nap.


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