Posted by: hockeygrl1 | April 14, 2011

Awww Spring

Although I am one of those crazy northern people who love winter, spring brings joy as well. I get to move away from joints that hurt because of the cold; you know, stiff and red and swollen, it just hurts to move. I was moving this winter. I’m a cross-country skier. My dog goes with and does her deer leap through the deep snow drifts. But this is about spring and the drifts are gone for now.

The weather has been beautiful up here in Minnesota. We’ve hit over 70 a couple of days already. The flowers are starting to peek through the ground and I can’t wait until they bloom. There is just something about gardening that I love. I don ‘t mind getting my hands dirty. In fact, I hate wearing gloves when weeding. They seem to get in the way.

There’s a smell of fresh dirt. You all know you love it. The earthy scent you get when weeding or digging, it’s a wonderful scent. It brings back memories of a time when I’d garden to get a tan. Now I’m fully covered with sunscreen and clothing with sunscreen in it. I won’t let my lupus take away my times in the dirt.

I can’t wait to get some pansies. They can survive a frost so that’s all we get to plant before May. My kids think I’m crazy, yet they support my gardening. In fact, at the house I had, we buried Brandon’s iguana in the flower garden because he loved to eat my flowers. I did have lot of flowers at the house. Not because I spent money to get them, it’s because I was good at growing them and getting them to multiply. The garden looked naked for the first year, but the second year it was looking better and the third even better. I bet it would look great now. Too bad I don’t have it any more.

Bella, my dog, also loves it when I spend all day outside fixing the yard and garden. She follows me around and fetches the sticks that I am trying to get out of the yard and in to the woods. Somehow they end up right back at my feet. It’s at these times that I have to laugh… Why did I teach my dog to fetch? It’s not helping me now. I guess dogs like the smell of dirt too. Bella will roll in it and she likes the cool fresh dirt on her belly. It gets funnier when I’m digging and she needs to help with it. I try to get her to dig where I want the hole, but it never works. She has a mind of her own. How can I yell at her for it? She’s just trying to help.

We had a very snowy winter and now with the snow all gone, Bella has found lots of water to swim in. She goes off into the woods and comes back soaking wet. This is another thing I can’t be mad at her for; she does have water dog breeds in her and it’s cooling her off.

What I’m most excited about is walking outside without pain in my joints. Last week, I almost walked every day with Bella. She thinks I’m doing it because I love her. I do, but there are fresh rocks showing on the side of the road. I’ve found some good agates out there to polish. I know, the little things that get me excited.

So with my joints feeling better and knowing how to manage my photosensitivity, I run out into the beautiful outdoors. It might only be for an hour instead of all day, but I’m doing something which is better than nothing. I’m hoping this something will turn in to more eventually.


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