Posted by: hockeygrl1 | April 17, 2011

Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge (HAWMC)

I read a fellow Spoonie’s blog and found out about HAWMC. It sounded like it's a challenge right up my alley. I know I'm a little late, it started April 1, but I think I can do this for the rest of the month. The subject for today is Mindful Moment. Describe something peaceful with as much sensory imagery as you can. What are the sights, sounds, scents, and feelings?

I'm going to my happy place. Some people will find it ironic that a former swimmer finds peace near the water. For this spoonie, the most peaceful place is in Duluth, MN on the shores of Lake Superior. 

Duluth shoreWhen I close my eyes I can hear the waves splashing on the rocks and feel the spray on my face. It's ice-cold since the water on the MN side of Superior stays cold all summer; this also keeps the water crystal clear. 

I'm sitting on the shore of rocks digging for agates. That's another thing that MN has, is a rocky shore. My children and I have spent many days climbing the rocks by the shore, in fact when we went there when they were young it was all they wanted to do. The air smells clean and fresh on the constant breeze that comes off the lake. Behind me I can hear the seagulls bagging for food from the other people who are on the shore. The seagulls occasionally cry out both at the people and each other as they fight for food. The trees are also swaying in the breeze adding to the music from the lake.
Cassie shore
As I sit digging in the rocks, I feel relaxed and almost normal. Right now all I care about is finding a big perfect agate. I dig further down and the hole fills with the cold water from the lake making the dry rocks glisten in the cold water. This makes the agates easier to spot but freezes your fingers in the ice-cold water. The waves are still rolling in and it sounds like being sea-side, but with out the smell of the salt water. 

The air is fresh and clean with the occasional smell of a picnic near by. There's nothing to bother me, no phone, no doctors, and no pesky relatives; just me and my children digging in the rocks. I'll occasionally be asked to look at the great rock that has been found and we'll add it to the bucket of ones we want to polish. Mostly, we dig on just being part of the outdoors and the beautiful scenery.
Brandon shore
 Now I need to stop to put on sunscreen and make sure my large hat and shirt are doing their jobs and protecting me from the sun. That's one thing I miss the most is the warm feeling I had when I'd sit in the sun. It would relax me further, all that warmth. It would penetrate right in to my muscles like a massage. 

I look out over the lake and see ships out in the distance. They carry their cargo to and from the port in Duluth. Some times we will hear a faint horn blowing from the ship in the distance, carried on the breeze. The sun shines through the leaves on the trees and makes the water sparkle like little diamonds. It's really a beautiful sight.

We sit on the beach digging until we can no longer see because night is coming. We turn toward the hill above Duluth and watch the sun fade behind it. As this happens, the temperature drops quickly and the water feels chillier. It starts to smell like a camp site at night. We smell charcoal burning and hamburgers cooking. The water now is sparkling with orange and red from the coming dusk.

With the night coming, the kids and I pack up for our drive home. We are tired but happy after visiting one of our favorite places to relax and find peace.


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