Posted by: hockeygrl1 | April 18, 2011

A day in the life…. #HAWMC

I know I’ve written about this before, but this is the assignment for today….. Your daily schedule. Write a list of your daily routine from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to bed. Be honest.

Today I got up at 9 am. That’s about the usual time for be because both the dog and I need to visit the rest room. So I wonder that way and then let her outside to do her business. I have to make my first trip up the stairs and climb or open the baby gate to get into the kitchen that I share with 2 other families (for now).

Most people wouldn’t have a second thought about going up the stairs or dealing with the gate. That’s because most people have endless energy (or spoons) and no pain. They don’t realize that every movement you make takes some of that energy away. So there went a spoon and now my hand hurts from opening the gate.

Bella and I travel back down the stairs to have breakfast. I have Frosted Mini-wheats and coffee, she has her bowl of dog food. Most days she guards it for a little while and I have to remind her that the kitty’s don’t want her dog food. With my cereal, I take my cocktail of pills. There are about 15 depending on the dose of roids. For the roids I have to take a mixture of 10, 5 and 1 mg pills to get the right dose since we are tapering them.

After Bella eats I have to let her out again, so I travel the stairs again to let her out. At least I don’t have to open the gate to get her to the door. I have helped with dishes in the past, but it’s too much now. I had to rest between each sink-full and that would be an up and down the stairs each time. Just too much. I let the upstairs families do them now.

Normally by the time I’m done with this, the final family of the 3 living here is awake. I don’t get why they don’t get up with their daughter, but it’s not my problem, it’s moms. All the dogs are hyper and want to go out and play. It’s not a problem for my dog or my brothers dog Rusty, they stay on the 40 acres we own. Hunter, my brothers Brittney,  has issues with it and someone needs to be out there to watch him. So, Jason and Karley go out to smoke often and I get to watch their daughter who is 2 a few times a day.

She mostly likes to color with me. I can sit and watch her and don’t have to run around a lot. It’s also about this time, like noon, that I have a bit of energy so I put the sunscreen on as well as my big hat and long sleeve shirt and take Bella for a walk. I don’t go far; just up and down our road. Bella runs around in the ditch while I look for pretty rocks to polish and make jewelry out of. If a car comes, Bella runs back to me and sits while it goes by. It’s a nice arrangement.

After our walk, I have lunch. I need to hurt my hands to open the gate again, this makes me be in pain, but saves the energy of climbing over it. Either I have leftovers from dinner or a sandwich and veggies and fruit. I try to keep it healthy. I don’t have any mid day meds at this time. Yeah! For some reason, I’m exhausted by 2. So it’s nap time. Normally I just lay down on the couch because if I go to bed I could be there the rest of the night. I get to sleep until the kids get home if everyone is quiet. That’s the hard part getting quiet.

The rest of the clan living here eats lunch at 2 and the 2-year-old is cranky from having to come in (this has started since it’s been nice out) and screams out her disapproval. Funny because they remind me to be quiet if one of them sleeps past 10 am….. Back to me.

I talk to the kids about their day at school and ask them about homework. They don’t do it this early, but it’s nice to know what they have in case they need help. They always want a snack. I’m lucky that they’re old enough to get it themselves. The only thing I need to moderate is who is on the computer when.

The afternoon turns into dinner time. I haven’t been cooking a lot lately because I’ve been so out of energy. So Jason or mom will cook dinner. It’s not what I would cook if I had a kitchen (dad is almost done building cabinets!) but it will do for now. We have sloppy joes or tater tot hot dish or spanish rice; things that can stretch to feed 8 people. To get this wonderful food I need to climb the stairs again and open and close the gate. I take my evening meds with dinner.

Depending on the time of year and day of the week, I could have to take my daughter to dance. She does dance on Monday, Tuesday and sometimes Wednesday and Saturday during the school year. I need to come up with the energy to get her to and from dance and try to avoid sick people at the dance studio. I used to be one of those people who would do it all even if they were sick. I don’t think I’d do that now knowing how it can affect others, like me, that have a compromised immune system.

After dance, I need some time to wind down. I’ll take my sleeping meds and watch some mindless TV. At about 10 I’ll climb in to bed and try to find a comfortable position to sleep in. I have to keep my arms mostly straight or they hurt, same with my legs. I sleep on my side and my hip will start to hurt so I roll over. I do this until about 11 and most nights I’ll finally fall to sleep.

This is my life now. No more rushing off to work and kids activities, just resting and trying to manage my pain and energy. I hope to get it under control so I can work a part-time job. I think I’m getting close and someday soon I’ll be returning to a job near you…. lol


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