Posted by: hockeygrl1 | April 20, 2011

My Writing Area #HAWMC

Describe Your Writing Room. What is in the room where you write your posts? Are you in a crowded coffee shop, your desk at work, or at the kitchen table? Try to find and name an item in the room that is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, black, brown.

As most of you know, last year I swallowed my pride and moved in with my parents. I did this because I need the help. I’m not always well enough to do things for my children (yes the teenagers) and I was scared that if something happened to me the kids would have to deal with it on their own. It’s both easier and harder living here. We’re in the basement of their rambler. The kids are in bedrooms that my sister and I had as teenagers. I have an add on bedroom in what was the family room. This makes our kitchen/living room small.

That makes the place I have to write in an everything room. It’s not quiet at all. Silence makes it hard for me to think and I’m not productive at all. If I can’t hear people upstairs, I have the TV on for the background noise. It’s not hard since My computer desk is next to my kitchen and my living room. Yes, it’s all in one little room. All of our living area is small, about 800 square feet with 3 small bedrooms.

There are doors to the furnace room and gun storage room to my left. During the winter I can feel the heat from the wood burner and smell the smoke from burning oak. It’s a comfort to me because it’s what I remember from my childhood. We have always burnt wood for heat. This is where my purple MN Vikings sign hangs. I’m hoping they can get their crap together and be in a Super Bowl in my life time. haha, I’ll just have to wait and see if this is just a dream.

Right in front of that door is our kitchen table. It’s got a variety of stuff on it right now because I don’t feel like cleaning and we just don’t have space for everything yet. My son was doing homework there earlier, calculus. His red assignment folder is there with the syllabus inside. He thinks it’s great that his HS teacher does one of these so the students know the assignments for each day all quarter. He also has his ACT study book next to his folder. This brings me both happiness and sadness. My little boy is growing up and is going to be in college soon. I’m happy because he is very smart and motivated like his mother. I know he’ll do well in college and get to live out his dreams. Sadness comes from me realizing I won’t be his world for much longer. I know I’ve taught him well and he’ll make good choices.

I don’t have a very organized desk right now. I get started organizing and then get disgusted because I don’t have a place to put everything yet. There is a pile of papers to my left. Just before the pile, there is a Elmer’s Glue bottle. It has an orange top. Brandon was just using it for a project for English class. He had to glue pictures and song lyrics on a poster that portray whether there is really and “American Dream” that people can reach. (this was a great project his teacher thought of.)

Posted on the computer monitor there are yellow post-it notes. These are for me because I cannot remember things as well as I used to. The doctor says it’s a combination of being in pain and lack of good quality sleep (also from pain). I hope she’s right and this lupus fog that I have, which also has a disconnect between my brain and mouth, will go away once we get this under control. If not, I can’t see me working at any job where I can talk and that will be hard.

In front of me when I sit at the computer is a cork board hanging on the wall. It has a blog that another lupus sufferer wrote hanging there about how she deals with invitations to things far in advance. I like it. I have a calendar with dance dates for my daughter written on it so I don’t forget to get her to practice or a competition. Below that are dance newsletters. I keep them all so I don’t forget things and if I do, I can re-read them. I posted a phone number list with the kids friends numbers so if something comes up and I need to call their friends I can. Above that, there are my doctor’s appointment notes and when my next appointment is. It also lists all my current medications and dosage. My doctor adjusts these often so it’s really nice that they print and list when I leave.

The final thing hanging on the cork board is a picture drawn by my daughter. It’s a butterfly. She draws a lot of butterflies now that I have lupus. It’s green and blue with black accents. It’s a beautiful picture. My daughter is talented when it comes to drawing and panting, not so much when it comes to school work. The total opposite of her brother, but I love her just as much.

To my right is my unfinished kitchen. It’s getting closer to being done. Dad is building cabinets for me now and mom is going to use some of the rent money I pay her to buy a stove! Soon the madness of walking up and down the stairs to cook or do dishes will be gone. I’ll be able to comfortably cook my healthy food and hopefully get rid of some of this inflammation. It will make me feel like I’m more on my own too. In the kitchen right now there are dishes everywhere. I only have one cabinet right now so there’s no storage. I have a sink, microwave, a coffee maker, a smoothy maker and a mini-fridge. There’s a pink plastic rolling drawer cart that I have kitchen utensils in. It’s really quite a mess.

Sitting on the microwave is a little green monster. This monster blows bubbles. My daughter was using it to entertain my niece one day and it’s just stayed there to join in with all my clutter. I’m too tired to move it, so it can stay for now.

My area is surrounded in brown. This basement was finished in the 80’s. lol….. Lots of brown paneling. At least it’s not a dark brown; it doesn’t make it dark down here. There is cedar trim in the kitchen, living room and my bedroom. The cats love it. They sharpen their claws on it. You can see their favorite spots.

In the distance behind me, I can hear my rock tumbler, tumbling my rocks in the laundry room. It’s not as a relaxing sound as the ocean doing it; it sounds like swishing gravel in a bucket. I put up with it because I love how the rocks look when they’re done. I get to make jewelry out of them then. It’s my hobby and keeps me busy for a while. Lord knows I need that.

The thing I use most that is black is my keyboard. I’m using it to type this blog right now. I’m comfortable with it. You know that weird feeling you get when you type at someone else’s computer, yea, I hate the adjustment period.

Now you know a little more about my surroundings. Can you imagine me typing everyday to you? Is there a you? Do you really read what I write? I’m impressed that I made it through the list only bringing up one thing about lupus. Pretty good. Now maybe my lupus will become manageable since I’m ignoring it. muahhhh…. I doubt it! 🙂


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