Posted by: hockeygrl1 | April 24, 2011

A Dancers Dream Come True #HAWMC

Best Moment of Last Week. What was the best thing that happened to you last week? Did you have an a-ha moment or get great news? Write about it and relive it!

Last week was a great week. I have a few moments that were wonderful and memorable. I’ll write about the one that will stick in my memory the best.

Cassie, my daughter had a dance competition on Saturday. She was a little nervous about this competition because she didn’t do very well on her solo at that least one and the judges were very hard on their group dances. Cassie tends to judge what she does kind of tough. I know she gets this from me. I was a swimmer and always wanted to come away from each meet swimming a personal best time. She received a Silver which is the lowest award given.

She worked very hard on the Wednesday before the competition with Gretchen, her dance teacher, yelling corrections at her. Cassie was still frustrated after this practice and worked on her solo and turns every day that week and even on Saturday morning.

The first dances at the competition were her group dances. The did very well. the were in sync and in straight rows. The hip hop looked especially well. We watched it from the balcony and  when the dancers did the moves all at the same time (there are 30+ dancer on stage) it gave me the chills. They scored well and one was high enough to be in the top 5 highest scores.

We had a dinner of pizza and a chocolate chip cookie while waiting for the solos to start. Cassie got all ready for her solo by ratting her hair and putting on her dark makeup. She also smeared her lipstick. This went well with her messy tutu that we made. She’s supposed to be a dead prom queen. Ann J who owns the studio had not seen her dance yet and was surprised at how she looked. It was scary!

We waited around until it was her turn. She was near the end of all the solos. Then the called her name and she walked out on stage. She gave the dance her all. Cassie is great at acting like a character and she pulled this one off. She had an evil look in her eye and her movements were jerky. She did her turns, all doubles and triples. Maybe she wasn’t totally on her toes, but she completed them. I was so proud.

She found me sitting in the audience after her solo and I could tell she felt much better about it this time.  We went out in the lobby and were talking with my friend Sara when Sara and I see this little girl slowly walking up behind Cassie with her hand out trying to tap Cassie’s arm. This sweet little girl of about 5 says, “You did a good job dancing.” Cassie says, “Thank you” with a smile. Cassie then turns to continue talking to Sara and I. My little girl Cassie had tears in her eyes. I think that was more important to Cassie than any award.

You see, ever since Cassie started dance, she wanted to be the older girl who helped the littler girls. She wants to help line them up at recital and bring them to the stage from the lunch room. She even wrote about it in an English essay. It is her dream and she was so happy that it was coming true that it brought tears to her eyes.

I am so glad I got to share that moment with her. It will be special to me forever. This is Cassie’s 10th year in dance at Starz Dance Studio in Becker, MN. She has learned a lot about dance and herself in those 10 years and I’m glad I’ve given her this opportunity. This year she is one of the older girls and will be running them to and from the stage, I know she can’t wait!


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