Posted by: hockeygrl1 | April 26, 2011

My Spirit Animal #HAWMC

Give your health or condition a spirit animal. Write today about it as though it is that animal. What qualities of the animal do you or your condition possess that are positive? How is this animal a metaphor for your experiences? What qualities of the animal would you love to tap into when needed?

It seems a little odd to me that I want to select an animal that is associated with my disease. I have always been fascinated by this animal and I’m trying to figure out now if it was a way of letting me know what was to come or because of the history of my ancestors. I have a tiny bit of American Indian in me as well.

I’m sure those of you who have lupus have figured it out by now. I’ve selected the wolf as my spirit animal. This would have been my selection even if I didn’t have lupus. They are strong, family oriented, and protective. American Indians also believed the wolf educated it’s young and knew it had great stamina.

The term lupus came from a thirteenth century doctor named Rogerius that thought the rash on the face resembled a wolf bite. I guess I’ve never seen a wolf bite on someones face so I don’t see the resemblance, but I don’t mind the reference to such an inspiring animal.

I know some people hate the wolf. They say it’s eating all the deer or killing their livestock. These people forget that they are taking over all the land that these majestic animals continue roam. The gray wolf was protected for a while because they were almost killed off. This is no longer the case hence the longing for people to begin killing again.

I was distracted by a cause to bring out my opinion. I’ll get back to my spirit animal.

White wolf

My wolf is snow-white.  I see it sitting tall on a hill above a field. She’s looking out over her land. My wolf is strong and enjoys her long walks through nature looking for food. She has shown multiple pups how to live on the land and is now looking out over her den with some pups sleeping in it. She is protective over what is hers but is willing to share with her pack.

As my spirit animal to help me, she is protective. She is looking over me making sure that I am protected from illness.  She gives me strength when I think I cannot carry on. She is doing that now. I have a new-found strength to fight off the disease. My wolf spirit gives me endurance to take the walks my doctor wants me to go on and to take care of things around the house. She has taught me to howl for help when it’s needed and to bark a warning when I’m annoyed or need rest. When I have done too much or need to apply more sunscreen, she marks my face to remind me that I have limits. When I need comfort she wraps me in her warm fur and I know someone is there with me.

I feel that my wolf spirit guide is there to keep me going and writing to help others find comfort as well.


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