Posted by: hockeygrl1 | May 1, 2011

Puppy Emergency

Saturday was a busy day for this spoonie. First my daughter and I ventured off to St. Cloud to do a little shopping. We had to go to the book store and get her some panties.

The book store was shopping for me. I’ve decided that I need to take control of my weight and am going to try to eat less meat. I’m hoping less protein will have a positive affect on my kidneys as well. This and walking is about all I can do right now to make a difference. My doctor has prescribed 3 medications that cause weight gain and is unwilling to change them at this time because we are waiting on Benylsta to be approved by the pharmacy at HCMC. So I’m in a holding pattern with only roids to treat my illness.

This has made me quite large.  Yes, I’m disgusted by my appearance and I hope this will make a difference.

After shopping, we went to Brenda’s house to see her son Eythan and his date have pictures taken for prom. It was nice since my son decided not to go. (I’m making him go next year, his Sr year. It’s fun for me!) They looked so cute together and I haven’t seen Brenda in a month because I’ve been so sick.

At our school, before prom they have a grand march. Cassie and I sat up in the bleachers and judged dresses. We’ve been doing this every year since she was 5. It’s tradition.

While Cassie and I were doing all this, my dog Bella was at home with my brother Jason and my mom and dad. She went for 2 walks through the woods. There is 40 acres for her to run on.

When I got home Cassie and I both mentioned that Bella was acting strange. She was laying by the door and not jumping up on me and shaking. Cassie finally noticed that Bella was walking funny. We got her to lay down and lifted her leg. There was a huge 2 inch cut in her skin and we could see into her flesh.

We were off again. The kids Bella and I went to the emergency vet. Baby Bella got 6 purple stitches and was not happy at all because I had to leave her. $280 later and we were on the way home. Bella cried the whole way even though Cassie was holding her. That’s easier said then done since Bella is a healthy 48 lbs. I tried to get her to take her medications, pills, but she was not interested. This was even after I wrapped them in pill pockets and cheese. She cried for a while and at about 11 pm I finally calmed her down enough to go to bed.

She woke up at 5am crying because she was in pain. I took her out to relieve herself and tried again to get medications down with no luck. For the next 2 hours I tried to sleep with her crying off and on. At 7, I finally gave up. That is when I stuck her pills in a left over hamburger. That worked! She cried and shook for about a half hour and then the pills kicked in.Now she is resting comfortably next to Cassie sleeping.

We have 10 days of trying to keep Bella dry. It’s really funny because MN has been really wet this spring. There are places flooded on our land that have not had water for years. I hope I can keep her near me on her leash. Maybe tomorrow we’ll try a short walk. I don’t want her to start to get stir crazy.

I hope our luck is going to change soon, because all this stress is getting to me and is not good for my lupus. That was almost $300 I didn’t need to spend. I hope I can still come up with $800 to put down on the New York dance trip for Cassie. I guess I’ll just spend a lot less this month. Emergencies just keep coming!



  1. I hope Bella heals quickly. It is so hard to watch our pups suffer. I know that when Maggie had her surgery, my girls learned a great deal helping her and trying to deal with her needs and pain. I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to reading more in the future.

    • Thank you. I’m a dog lover and my Bella is my best friend.

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