Posted by: hockeygrl1 | May 6, 2011

The Nanny Dog

Over the winter, a stray cat showed up. Being the animal lover that I am, we started to feed her. She is a skinny calico cat, black with brown spots, that we think had a home before because she was not that afraid of us. She came right up to the patio door and cried for food. So we adopted her.

A few months ago, we noticed that she was putting on weight. That always happens to us. We try to be the good person and feed the animal and end up with 20 pets because of babies. Yes, she was expecting and now we have 5 kittens. They are cute as ever! there are 2 orange, 1 gray & white, 1 black & white, and my favorite is calico and white.

We did have to search for them. Missy, that is what my daughter named the pregnant cat, had them in a hollow log in the woods. Dad went and found them and brought the family in to our screened in porch. They are much safer there. It’s easier for Missy to eat and keep an eye on them too.

As soon as my dog, Bella, realized they were on the porch, she started to guard the patio door. She wouldn’t let any of the dogs near it even though it was closed. I thought that was odd because Bella never had a litter of puppies. Bella would growl and chase the other dogs and cats away. She’s very protective.

Now the kittens are a few weeks old and climbing out of the box. Bella has decided that she needs to keep track of the roaming kittens. The kittens are not afraid of Bella. Considering how big my 50 lb dog is next to them, I panic a little, but they just look up at her while she licks them. Yes, my dog thinks she needs to clean them. I’m waiting for her to try to pick them up!

I don’t know how she will react when all the kittens find new homes. We can’t keep them. There are way too many animals here already. I guess I’ll have to buy her a new toy to help with the sadness.

Who would have guessed that my female dog had these mothering instincts… maybe it is bread in to the dog.



  1. Isn’t it amazing how the protective mothering instincts can know no boundaries? Dogs are such great animals. : )

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