Posted by: hockeygrl1 | May 7, 2011

Spring is here, Finally!

Spring in Minnesota can be unpredictable. It sure has this year. We had a bunch of beautiful warm days that was followed by rain and snow. I think spring is finally here just in time for mother’s day.

Spring brings raking in our yard. We have oak trees that don’t drop their leaves in the fall; they do it in the spring. They are still wet so they have a musty scent. It’s kind of like a dirty, earthy smell. The smell of fresh ground. Walking through the woods with my dog, I can smell the ponds freshly thawed and full of water. Bella, my dog, cannot resist the pull of the smell of fresh water. She runs of and I hear her splashing in the distance. When she comes back I can smell mildewed water on her ash she shakes.

Walking in the woods on our trails is a favorite activity of the family. The dogs always tend to lead the way cashing squirrels along the trails. You can hear the leaves rustling under our feet as we travel through the woods. It is cool and moist on the trails. The trees make a canopy above our heads and shade us from the sun. It’s almost like we are walking through a tunnel in the woods. The trees are starting to sprout leaves and there are splashes of green and red along the branches of brown.

The dogs will stop every now and then when they find a grassy patch and chew on the fresh green grass. Then they get distracted my a sound or smell and run off in to the woods leaping like a deer. I’m thankful for the 40 acres my parents own. It’s woods, field, and pond and the animals and family love it. It’s nice right now before all the mosquitoes are hatched. They ruin our ability to enjoy nature without bug spray. They tend to become vicious once they hatch. They attack any place that you don’t place bug spray. Buzzing in your ears and biting your ankles. Even the dogs try to bite them.

For me, walking in the woods helps to keep the sun off of me. It means I can spend more time outside and not worry about the yucky side-effects of  being in the sun with my lupus. I can enjoy a slow walk while Bella runs circles around me and drains her energy.

Soon we will have the sweet smells of the flowering trees, crab apple, plum, and choke cherry. The bees will be busy collecting honey and making sure we get sweet fruit in the fall. There will also be raspberries and blackberries in bloom and adding to the sweetness of the air.

It will truly finally be spring in Minnesota and we can forget all about the snow that has finally melted.


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