Posted by: hockeygrl1 | May 22, 2011

What Going to NYC with My Daughter Means to Me

As most of you know, I’ve had a pretty rough 3, almost 4, years. Since my diagnosis in October 2007, I’ve had Chemo, multiple infusions of steroids, many medications fail, serious reactions to medications, multiple trips to the ER and multiple hospitalizations. It’s really been a blur of doctors appointments, treatments, labs, and pills to take.

The kids and I have had to move in with my parents because I need help both physically and financially. I know “I look good,” but on the inside I am not well. I put on the happy face and keep up with you because I want to be normal. I do pay for acting normal for days or even weeks after. I’m not looking for sympathy, it is what it is, I just want you to know I am really sick, I’m not faking it, I fake being well for others. 

What does this have to do with NYC?

Daughter in tutu

Cassie is trying very hard to help raise money so she can dance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I will also go (keep your fingers crossed. If I get sick, my mom can take my place) and get to see her do it in person. It is very expensive to go to NYC during Thanksgiving week. We arrive on Saturday, November 19 and leave on Friday, November 25, the day after Thanksgiving. They have all day rehearsals everyday except Tuesday and Thursday after the parade. It’s a big commitment both financially for me and physically for Cassie. She needs to learn the dance here before they leave for NYC. (They get a CD with the choreography in like July. Haha I didn’t know how to spell choreography…)

We are very excited about this because with my health going up and down, this may be our last chance for a big vacation together before she leaves high school. (I’m pausing to wipe tears from my eyes.) It’s also a way she can feel normal. She doesn’t need to say “no I can’t go because mom is not feeling well.” Both kids have had to say that for even simple things. There are some days I’m too sick to even drive or I’ve had to take pain pills and can’t drive.

All the money from the fundraisers is going to get us to and from NYC. The money we need to raise is in the thousands of dollars. I am saving as well, but every little bit we get helps. I have told Cassie she needs to do every single fundraiser!  It will teach her to earn what she wants as well as helping out. I know this summer we are doing car washes and maybe selling hot dogs/brats somewhere so if you’re near us, please join in! I will advertise on twitter and facebook.

I know times are tough so this isn’t the best time to ask for donations but Please! Help if you can. It will be a dream trip for mother and daughter! (This is as close as I’ve ever gotten to begging…)

Thank you all!


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