Posted by: hockeygrl1 | June 19, 2011

About my dad

It’s Father’s Day so what else is there to do other than write about your dad.

I’m lucky, my dad is still alive and kicking. Sometimes I think he has a little too much kick left in him. His favorite things are fishing and drinking beer. I don’t know if that is the right order, but it’s pretty close. When I had my own place, hell, it’s even true with me living in the basement, he’d help me fix anything that didn’t work. Of course, I’d have to provide beer and food, but that cost less that hiring a repair man. He was even at it yesterday, unplugging my bathroom sink. (I saved the clog to gross out Cassie. It was all her hair)

He’s retired now, but has not stopped doing his to do list. A lot of it is for me since I’m sick and trying to have my own space in the basement. He has just about finish making my kitchen cabinets. Yes, he made them. They are out of cheap wood; that’s the only reason they are not beautiful, but they are to me. This next week the electrical will be finished and then I get a stove!


Dad’s been there for me all through my illness. He was the one that brought me to the ER on October 3, 2007 when all this madness started. He saw the urine the color of a dark beer with a tint of red. He started to cry as soon as he saw it, knowing how serious my illness was. I was too busy with the nurse starting an IV and taking many vials of blood to really see his full reaction, but I could tell by the look on his face he was worried. He left to smoke and gather his thoughts once I received morphine and was out of it. He came back at sat at my side, waiting for test results to come in.

He had the job of telling my kids that I was going to have to stay in the hospital. I know that he was thinking back to his childhood and how he felt when his mother was sick. I’m sure he did a good job since he had been through it once before.

Since that first visit, he has brought me back to the ER multiple times, sat in the chair and tried to make light of a serious situation. We’ve become experts in the trip to the ER. I know what to tell the doctors and nurses and how to get in and out, if I’m going out, fast.

In the craziness that is my life, he is the one constant that stands beside me (other than my son) and I know that I shouldn’t say this, sometimes I feel that I’m his favorite child. It feels good to have someone fight for you in this world of non-believers.

So this is to my dad (as well as the blueberry pie made yesterday), thank you for everything!

Dad and niece Ali

Dad and my niece Ali

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