Posted by: hockeygrl1 | June 20, 2011

Like me for who I am

My daughter is very artistic; in drawing, in dance, and in writing. Here is a poem she wrote for English class.

Just because I have never done drugs, doesn’t mean I’m not cool.

Just because I am a virgin, doesn’t make me lame.

Just because I’m not a fighter, doesn’t make me weak.

Just because I am not a party girl, doesn’t mean I can’t hang.

Just because I get good grades, doesn’t mean I’m a nerd.

Just because teachers like me, doesn’t mean I am teachers pet.

Just because I am not a rebel, doesn’t mean I’m scared.

Just because I am quite, doesn’t men I don’t speak up for what I believe in.

Just because I have morals, doesn’t make me a goody two shoes.

Just because I walk away from trouble, doesn’t make me a pushover.

Just because I think before I act, doesn’t make me a loser.

I am who I am and this is who I shall forever be. I do not care what others think of me.

Like me or not that is your choice. Accept me for who I am.



  1. This is awesome. So many young people do not get near enough credit for being decent, strong, and positve. She needs to print this and keep a copy in her purse, her wallet, on her mirror, in her books, remind her of who she is, what she is, and just how cool she really is. : )

    • Thank you. I’m going to have her read your comment when she gets home. She likes to share her creativity with others, but doesn’t get a lot of feedback.

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