Posted by: hockeygrl1 | June 24, 2011

My Neurotic Dog

I love my dog, Bella. She has quite a few very sweet traits. Of course I know she loves me and misses me when I leave.

She didn’t have issues with separation anxiety before I became ill. When it first happened I spent 2 weeks in the hospital. Now I think she feels like that’s going to happen each time I leave the house. When I’m gone she whines and barks at everything that goes by. I feel sorry for my parents and kids, but I can’t stay home all the time and Bella will have to get over it one of these days. I haven’t had an overnight stay in the hospital in a year. That’s exciting news for me.

Bella is very possessive of her toys. Wait, she can be possessive of rocks and sticks too. I guess they qualify as toys due to the way she uses them. Anyhow, I wanted to get a squeaky toy for my brothers pit bull, Rusty, because his powerful jaws were breaking the squeaker in all Bella’s balls. When I was at Pet Smart, I saw this squeaky football and it was made by kong so I thought it might work. I brought it home and gave it to Rusty and at the same time I gave Bella some new squeaky balls. Being the neurotic dog that Bella is, she went after Rusty and brought the football in the house with her. I continued to give it back to Rusty, but I always ended up with Bella’s toys. I finally took it away.

So yesterday I thought I could try to give it to Rusty again. I got Bella playing fetch with her balls and while she was distracted I gave the football to Rusty. Bella wanted none of that. She went right after it and Rusty gave it up. Last night she was sleeping on the couch with it and Cassie decided to mess with her. What happened had us in tears laughing. I’d like to upload a video of it, but I can’t get it to work 😦 Cassie was pounding the football on the ground and Bella’s head would bob up and down following it. Crazy! It made my day.

She has other quirks. Well, I guess all the dogs in the house do this. I always have fresh water in the house for Bella to drink. Today I let her out to do her business and she goes right for the dirty puddle and drinks out of it. What the hell!?!? Do dogs crave dirty water? I don’t get it. Is there extra flavor in muddy water? It drives me nuts.

It’s a beautiful day here in Minnesota. First one in a long time. You’d think Bella would want to spend the whole day out there. Nope, She is curled up in a ball right next to me. Insane! We’ll I’m going out to the field to pick strawberries. I’ll bring her with so she gets some exercise.


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