Posted by: hockeygrl1 | July 12, 2011

My Happy Spot

July 4th was exhausting but beautiful. In Minnesota we don’t have the ocean, but we have a few lakes that can get close to giving us the same feeling. The 4th was my day to visit one of those lakes. It also is my happy place. A place where I can find complete relaxation and recharge my center.

When I was employed at one of the insurance companies I worked for, I was lucky to go through training to learn how to focus or find my center. It is a form of meditation and it has greatly helped my through layoffs and my illness. There are many ways to find your center through meditation. What I use may not be right or wrong or what you want to do, but it helps me and that’s all that matters.

Most people think meditation is when you repeat a word or phrase to prevent distracting thoughts. I do just that. I repeat a calming word or phrase to relax and calm me. Can you believe that I can use this to reduce my blood pressure and pain? I still take my medications. I’d never use this in place of medication, but repeating a calming word or phrase and slowing down my breathing can help in these situations.

I also use meditation to remove distractions from my mind. It is used to bring you in to the present moment and remove distractions so you can listen to your body. I think of this when I make fun of my dog. I can say there’s a squirrel and move on, yet acknowledge that it was there. My dog, on the other hand, would obsess over the squirrel and not be able to focus on anything else that is happening. This is where Bella could use some help. While using this, I may think, Cassie has dance tomorrow night and I don’t feel like bringing her, than I push the thought from my mind so I can relax and fall to sleep.

These things may bring you a state of perfect stillness and consciousness.

This is a way I focus my breathing and let all the stress and worry go. It is also why I kept pushing in September 2007 when I knew I was sick but no ER or doctor could find anything wrong. When in my relaxed state, when I was listening to my body, I knew something was wrong.

Now I use it more to bring focus away from my fibromyalgia pain. At the lake, for a little while, I was pain-free. I was sitting on the rocky shore of Lake Superior with my kids, looking for agates, listening to the waves and doing my breathing. I was in that moment. Not thinking about what tomorrow would bring or how much money we still need to find to go to New York or how my dog was doing at home, I was really there enjoying my kids.

It is a great feeling, when you’re free from worry and pain. I may need to go up there once a month until the snow flies then I get my relaxation skiing. Really, your happy spot could be anywhere and your calming word or phrase could be anything. It’s your personal choice and can bring you happiness.


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