Posted by: hockeygrl1 | August 4, 2011

Things are messed up

I normally wouldn’t write about this because I don’t want to seem like the ex-wife that complains about everything, but I’ve been dealing with some interesting things lately.

You see, my son, Brandon, turns 18 in September. He will still be in high school until spring (one of the oldest in his grade) so, my ex-husband is responsible for child support until then. I do the responsible thing and i called child services to let them know.

Then I did something stupid. I decided to look and see how much child support is owed to me. You’re going to Shit when you see this number.  $75,800.00!!! Yep, my ex-husband has this dead-beat dad thing down. I find it funny that once a year I get a letter asking for information on where he lives. I have no idea and if I did, I’d turn him in.

They have made it so his driver’s license is void and he can’t get any documentation for a passport without it. They will take any tax refunds and he can’t get unemployment either. It makes me wonder how he’s living.

It does piss me off. After our divorce, I paid all the outstanding credit cards, some I didn’t even know he took out, past due bills and court costs. He didn’t pay a dime. I didn’t ask for any money for me, just child support for the kids. He pays a minimal amount, based on minimum wage and every time he is found, the court lets him go because he has a job and is paying. I’d rather they put him in jail if he can’t make a large payment. Show him that they mean business, but they never listen to me.

I keep thinking that one of these days things will start going my way and keep going that way. So I hope they find him and bring him to court. This time I will bring the kids and they can tell him what they think. I do not speak badly of him in front of the kids, never have. I don’t need to. They are smart enough to know without me saying.

So here’s to hoping all dead-beat dads and moms get what’s coming to them. And to all the moms and dads making it work with what they have, a pat on the back. No one needs to tell us we’re great, our great kids show us!

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