Posted by: hockeygrl1 | September 20, 2011

My dog killed a turkey…. and health woes

I know I haven’t been writing lately, but I haven’t been feeling well. The recliner mom moved downstairs is too comfortable and my body hurts and is weak. Part of this is because I hurt my right foot. Yes the one that is needed to push the gas and break in the car. I hurt the Achilles tendon. A small tear, no surgery needed, but painful and there is this huge boot on my foot. I told my Rheumatologist and they wanted to test my Parathyroid Hormone because this can be effected by kidney disease and it affects tendons. So blood test today and I’ll know later in the week. So for now, rest and ice and pain pills.

The doctor had to remind me that my weight is increasing. Duh, I can’t walk! I’d love to be doing my walks to try to get to a point when I can handle a whole day of work, but I have this foot injury so I’m stuck in the chair. Makes me want to cry!

Yes, my dog caught and killed a turkey today. She was outside with mom, Jason & his wife and their kid and a turkey flew into the yard. Bella took off after it. The turkey tried to fly away, but Bella was quicker and got it and killed it. She brought it right to my brother, but it’s against the law for her to hunt. How do you keep a dog from hunting? It flew right in to the yard; it wasn’t like she was out in the woods looking for it. We do kind of live in the woods, by a wildlife refuge and we have 40 acres, but it was our yard…. I just hope that no one will read this and take my baby away.

Yep, those of you who have read previous blogs know that I live in a house with my mom and dad, brother & his wife & child, and 4 dogs & 8 cats. The kids and I have an apartment with kitchen & bath room downstairs. There is no separating door. The cats have a territory problem. Today, someone noticed that one pissed in my dogs toy basket on all her stuffed animals and over the weekend I noticed that one pissed on my clean clothes in a basket. I want to scream! To make everything worse, someone started laundry (both in the dryer and washer) and never finished. I had to use my precious energy to do someone else’s shit so I could do my own. Yes, I’m pissed!

I moved in here so I could get help, and most of the time it just make my life more stressful. My kids are part of the problem to. Unless I make them do something by nagging, it won’t get done. I have to follow them around or text them to help me. Cassie is supposed to clean the litter box everyday, it’s been this way for years, and I still have to remind her. I should just forget to pay her dance bill for months so she can’t go. Brandon would let the garbage overflow for days if I didn’t tell him that it’s full. Craziness!

Today the dishes are piled up in the sink and I think things are starting to grow so I’m doing dishes. Should I be doing them? No, my body is going to crash and I bet I’ll sleep tell noon tomorrow. I’ve been sleeping later and later everyday for a while. Yes, I did stay out late Saturday night, but I’m not dead. I need some kind of social interaction. I’m just really angry today, about everything and nothing all at once. I don’t see why we can’t just kick the peeing cats out. They have fur and we can make them a house to sleep in. My dog doesn’t piss on the floor or puke up cat food, she’s way cleaner than the cats. Sorry cat lovers, the ones in this house drives me crazy.

Oh yea, tomorrow is my birthday. I get to feel crappy on my birthday. Maybe that’s why I’m crabby… Just one more year until 40. Yep, the big 40. It make things worse because I don’t have someone special, a man, to share things with. Just a little lonely here.

See why I haven’t been writing; I just feel like I wrote a bunch of bitchiness. Please excuse it for now. I’m sure my happy side will come back soon.


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