Posted by: hockeygrl1 | September 22, 2011

My baby boy’s an adult now. Ramblings of a mother

Yesterday was all about my birthday, today is all about my son’s birthday. He turned 18 today.

Time has gone so fast. I don’t remember him ever getting in to trouble as a toddler and he was the easiest baby (he slept threw the night right away, even in the hospital), and his teenage years have gone by with very little drama. He’s all you could ask for in a kid, as long as you’re not into sports. He’s a nerd, geek, gamer and proud of it. He reads a lot, mostly Sifi and does his homework without me asking and has his whole college life planned out (except where he is going). Today, I’m going to share some stories about him and pictures of him.

He was almost born on my birthday. I had been in labor all day and didn’t know it. It just felt like cramps. I went in the evening of my 21st birthday and spent the night. The next day was his due date and he wanted to show the doctor she was right and was born at 12:30 in the afternoon. His dad and my mom were in the room. Brandon came so fast that the doctor didn’t make it. He was so small, but beautiful and healthy, with beautiful blue eyes (that he still has) and bald.

Brandon Baby

Before I knew it he was up and getting around. He wanted to explore the world. Yep, he was early to do everything… Walked at 7 months. I’m lucky he wasn’t into trouble.

brandon basket

See big blue eyes and he’s starting to get hair. It’s funny because me and both the kids have really think hair, but we started out with none. That pink dinosaur was one of his favorites. When you squeeze it it roars. We still have it.

He sis finally start to get some hair. None of the toddler girls could resist. Look how cute he is!

brandon 6 mo

Like I said, he was a really good kid. He’d take a nap no matter where we were…. Below we were at Valleyfair an amusement park and he is napping in the stroller. I was a lucky mom.

brandon vf

He has a little sister that was a harder pregnancy. She was born just before his 2nd birthday. Because she was a pain, he went on vacation with his nana and papa while I was in the hospital and on bed rest. Here he is playing with his big truck. He’s in Michigan.

brandon truck

He was and still is a very sweet boy. Always smiling and trying to make everyone happy. It’s great because he’s funny now and tells jokes and has great funny comebacks.

brandon blue shirt

He has grown so big, taller than both me and his dad. Funny story time… Sorry Brandon. When he was about 5, he was watching some old movies with my mom and dad. My mom told him, “Everything was black and white when I was young.” So on our way home he sees the red and white stop sign and innocently asks, “Were the stop sign black and white too?” It was so cute. We had to explain that just tv and movies were.

brandon camp fire


In 2006 the kids and I went on a dream vacation with my mom and dad. We went to Disney World. It was so much fun to share that with the kids and my parents.

Are these dinner

Here we are at a restaurant with a view of the aquarium. Brandon said, “Fish are friends not food.” So silly.

We had a lot of fun. Brandon was trying to act older like it didn’t matter, but he finally let go and acted like a kid. After all, I was acting like a kid! The only thing that went wrong on this trip was a hurricane that pretended like it was going to hit Florida and cancelled the Space Shuttle Launch. We had tickets to see it. I was so sad and it would have been a great learning experience for them.

I said being a teenager was nothing. It was easy. He had his first nerd girlfriend that he met over xbox live… Nerd and from another state. That was hard for me. She did come and stay with us twice (after he was talking to her for a year and I talked to her parents). She was from Virginia and had never been in snow. She came in December. She really liked it. Brandon is single now and hoping to have a date for the prom this year… Ok, I’m hoping he has a date for the prom this year.

As much as I like the other Senior Pictures that were taken, this shows he personality best. He’s silly and smart and able to get alone with anyone. What else can a single mother ask for?








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