Posted by: hockeygrl1 | November 10, 2011

How can a system fail so badly?

Do you ever feel like what ever you do, you end up getting the shaft?  I feel that way right now.

I’ve always taken care of my kids, no matter what. I found the money for what ever they needed, I stayed up all night when they were sick, and I helped them with their homework. Yes, they are almost grown and they are wonderful. I have to say I’ve done a good job.

So what is getting under my skin?

Well…. I got a letter from Sherburne County today. They have found my x-husband, Todd. The reason they have is because he applied for general assistance. So he’s playing the system again. Even though he’s $70,000 behind on child support he’s not going to jail. This is because he doesn’t have a job and is getting general assistance or welfare.

I can’t explain the anger going on inside me right now. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I want to hurt someone or at least get the chance to scream at him.

How can a system fail so badly?

I’m sorry, but if he’s that far behind he should be on the street. He should not get any money from any state or federal government. I want to scream, “It’s not fair” at the top of my lungs.

I mean, I’m sick and not getting better, I have to live with my parents because I’m so sick and now the government knows where Todd is, but is giving him another free pass!

How does this work???? I’m going to Goodwill to get clothes!!!! Just to save money so I can go on a trip with my daughter. It may be my last trip. You never know. There have been 3 twitter ‘friends’ that have died in the past month. There is no cure and they are not even close to controlling it or knowing how to treat it in my case.

Yes, I’m losing it. I don’t know what to do… Should I ask for a hearing? I bet if I did they still wouldn’t do anything. Todd just seems to know how to play the system like a victim. People like that make me sick.

Kids be smarter than me. Look at this 18 year mistake coming back to bite me in the ass. I wouldn’t trade my kids for the world. I love them and everything that comes with them. I just wish I would have picked a better dad for them.

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