Posted by: hockeygrl1 | November 17, 2011

Still More Bad News

(This is an addition to “How can a system fail so badly)


I called Social Services to talk to my child support worker. Applying for State Aid gets him out of paying child support.

They have been looking for him for over 5 years, they have finally found him because he applied for welfare and they can’t do anything! It’s sick. He knows just how to play the system. You see every time he goes to court for this, he manages to get a month to find a job. He gets one and then quits after 6 months. The clock starts over then so he has another year to work off the books. While he’s working off the books, he finds a new place to hide.

Yes, he’s supposed to notify his child support worker every time he moves. He never does.

So being $70,000 behind is no big deal. He’s going to continue to play this game because the system allows him to.

I’m just glad I got away from him when I did. I still have to wonder how I, as  good person, has so many bad things happen? It really doesn’t seem fair.  I keep hoping I’ll get a break, but it never happens. I have my parents to help me, but they never get a break either. I made a wish on 11/11/11 at 11:11 hoping it would bring something good to my family…. I’m still waiting.

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