Posted by: hockeygrl1 | December 7, 2011

Bucket list

I know that my family and friends don’t like when I reference that there’s a chance I might die from lupus. I is one of those things that go along with lupus. I listen to my body and take my medications, but it could still happen.

My recent trip to New York City helped me cross a few things off. The first one came by surprise and I’m so glad it did. I never thought of how beautiful and special it would be to me.

CheckmarkWe left the house at the crack of dawn, 3:30 am for our 6:30 flight. It was way too early for me. Lupus has changed me from a morning person to a… hell…. not at anytime person. Cassie was all excited because this is only her second trip by plane and she was going to a huge city to be on TV. The airplane took off and climbed for what seemed like forever. As it began to level off, Cassie pointed out the window, “Mom, look. the sun is rising.” It doesn’t seem like much to people that fly all the time (or aren’t battling illness), but to Cassie and I it was beautiful. We had never seen this from above the clouds. Cassie, my photographer, took the beautiful pictures above.

This is one thing I would never have thought to add to my bucket list, but I’m so glad I saw it. It’s even better because it was with my daughter.

CheckmarkThe second thing on my list has been there since age 9 when mom took me to see Annie at the Ordway. I never knew people did this; acting and singing on stage. It was so wonderful. Then mom explained that the best actors preformed on Broadway in New York City. Since then I’ve wanted to see a musical there. Yes, Cassie going on this trip was good for me too. We got to see Sister Act. I wasn’t sure how I’d like it, but it’s one of my favorites. Right up there below Phantom of the Opera and Rent.

CheckmarkFinally, and it makes me sad to say this made the list, I got to see the 9/11 Memorial. (see previous blog post) It was sad, moving and beautiful all at the same time. I got to let all my emotions go and feel some new ones. I wasn’t there and I don’t know anyone that died in the towers, but that day is stuck in my memory. I’ve taught my kids the importance of what happened that day and how horrible it was for those of us watching on TV and living in NYC.

So, there are 3 checks on my bucket list…. I hope I can cross some more off soon, but a trip to Egypt is so spendy!


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