Posted by: hockeygrl1 | December 30, 2011

A gift from my kids

Christmas has past here. It was my 5th Christmas knowing I have lupus and boy have things changed. I’m living in my parent’s basement, I’m on SSDI and I don’t have room for all my decorations or a tree. It’s all right though; I do have a warm roof over my head and my children, dog and I are together. To replace the Christmas cheer decorations bring, I baked. The cookies made wonderful gifts for all my friends. If I missed you, I’m sorry. My kids are pigs!!

The year sure flew by. My kids are too old for Santa (18 & 16) so I didn’t have to get up early to see what Santa brought them. Instead I was upstairs seeing my niece wake up to presents from Santa. It was cute. We had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast and waited for my sister’s family to get here.

This Christmas brought some excitement. My kids decided to get me a gift. It was different because this is the first year they did it all on their own; their idea and their money.

The story behind the gift is…. Cassie (My daughter) was shopping with a friend at Crossroads the St. Cloud mall. Steph and her were looking at necklaces for Steph’s mom. Cassie couldn’t believe her eyes. There was a necklace that looks like the butterfly Brandon (my son) and I designed. (Above) She was shocked and amazed and sent a picture of it to Brandon.

Cassie was sure it was meant to be, her finding that necklace, and Brandon agreed. When she got home, they were all sneaky and ordered it online. They also had to call my mom so someone could being them to pick it up. It was at this point that they started teasing me about getting me something and that they couldn’t wait for me to see it. This is the coolest part for me. They wanted to see my reaction and how happy it would make me. The true reason for giving.

We always open one gift on Christmas Eve. I watched the kids open mine and then they waited for me to open the gift from them. I was excited and didn’t even notice that Cassie grabbed the camera. It was a furry box within a box so I knew it was jewelry. I opened it and saw my butterfly with purple amethyst stones.

I thought for a minute that they designed it because it matched so perfectly. Of course, they didn’t; they don’t have that kind of money. I love it! Such a perfect thing to get from my kids. My butterfly love because of a disease I hate will show when I wear the necklace and I hope people ask about it so I can share my story and the story of others with them. Spread awareness!!!

Butterfly Necklace


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