Posted by: hockeygrl1 | April 1, 2012

Health Time Capsule

(We are thrilled to have you participating in our 30 day, 30 post challenge! Here are the prompts for each of the 30 days of April. Consider HAWMC an online writing workshop for health blogger community and challenge yourself as a writer and Health Activist! )

Pretend you’re making a time capsule of you and your health focus that won’t be opened until 2112. What’s in it? What would people think of it when they found it?

A time capsule about me and my life…. It wouldn’t be a new looking thing, maybe a large milk can (painted purple) in a rickety old box. I love old things, both to decorate with and I have a dream of owning an old Victorian house someday. This piece of my history would be hidden in the woods someplace up on Lake Superior’s north shore by a river or creek that runs into the great lake. It love that sound of running water. It is so relaxing to me and tells part of my story.

My childhood was hard. I’d put a wooden fish in the can to show this. I had really dry scaly skin and the kids called me fish partially because of this and partially because I was a great swimmer. I do have to say to the bullied kids out there that it does get better and you will be a wonderful strong person because of the hard times you go through.

Marshmallows! I remember a wonderful camping vacation with my mom and dad and the raccoon took off with our marshmallows and were eating them in the trees.

Black elbow length silk gloves. My prom date was late and I met him at the door in my dress and these gloves…… and a shot-gun…..

My kids baby shoes and a pair of their shoes now to show how much they’ve grown.

Wrist bands from each vacation to the Wilderness Hotel in the Wisconsin Dells, WI. It’s the kids and mine favorite place to vacation (Next to the north shore)

Our credit cards from Disney World… Our dream vacation before I became seriously ill.

My dog Bell’s baby collar from her puppy days.

An IV hookup to show my Chemo days.

Lots of Butterflies… My butterfly necklace the kids got me, a picture of the butterfly tattoo on my ankle and some of the many drawings my daughter has made me.

Little dance shoes… for Cassie

Brandon’s first game boy….

Rocks!!! Agate and others as well as samples of the jewelry I make out of them.

Mittens and slippers… Reynaud’s

Empty pill bottles…. I’ve got lost of these

Brandon’s excellent report cards, Cassie’s dance accomplishments

A pie tin and cupcake papers

A hockey puck

Model of a piano

Seeds for a flower garden

Scrabble – the game

I hope people would see a strong determined woman who did everything for her kids. Someone that had many interests despite her illness and still tried to do these on her good days. The objects show a variety of interests over a variety of subjects, I hope this shows that I’m well-rounded and educated.



  1. Such strength Ann! The love of a mother captured in a wonderful treasure box!
    There is no doubt that in spite of lupus you give your all ❤

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