Posted by: hockeygrl1 | April 16, 2012

Pinboard for my health focus

Typewriter Series #12 by Tyler Knott Gregson    I am more than the brittle bones  and creaking joints  that move me with purpose  and something that once  resembled grace.  Rattle though they may  and ache where they will  I am more than bones.  I am made of magic things  and the left-over fire  of silently exploded  stars.


Because of my invisible illness and creaky bones, I selected this photo. I think it is fitting to need to see into the body because most of the time you can’t tell how bad I feel on the outside.

Colorful SoCal garden


I love to garden. It is my happy place and where I can relax and find my center. This helps in relaxation that is key with lupus and fibromyalgia.



I have to love this. No matter what, knowing that everyday I get up and get out of bed means a lot. I’m not giving up or laying down and letting lupus or fibro win. Someday I will kick its ass!!






  1. This is wonderful. I have Lupus and randomly did some gardening today and feel so much calmer than I did this morning! You are right. Do you have Lupus and Fibro?

    • Yes I have both. I haven’t been able to garden here yet. Mother nature is crazy this spring in Minnesota. Gardening does help as long as I keep my sun exposure to a minimum.

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