Posted by: hockeygrl1 | April 23, 2012

My health – an update

It’s a good think it’s choice day because I have to update all of you. I’ll start with the good news.  My baby girl (16yrold) got in to Perpich School of Arts for the next school year. She will be in the dance department studying dance for half the day and having regular high school classes for the other half.  They loved her dance parts of the audition, there were two.  One where they focused on technique and had the dancers do different moves in a class setting and they also learned a modern dance to perform as a group.  Part two was her solo. They loved her song selection and all the emotion she put into her dance. Cassie said it was about her fighting against all that say she can’t do things and this was showing them she can. really fitting considering all that has happened to her in dance class this year. She danced to Sia – Breath me, this first 1:20 of it. Ending on a perfect double open turn with attitude. Last they did an interview. They loved her bubbly personality and how much she loves dance. I guess this sealed it.  She left this day of auditions positive and sure she was in, but after waiting from March 1o to April 19, I was starting to think she was going to get bad news. It was great to get this piece of good news the day I went into the hospital.


Now for the bad news. Yes, I was in the hospital for 4 days again for the same reason.  The pancreatitis never really went away from my last stay in the hospital.  I was still unable to handle the pain (I get mine in my back and not in my tummy where most people get theirs) and I was not holding down enough foods or liquids. I find it really hard to drink even water when I feel like I need to vomit.

The worst part is they have no idea what is causing it; lupus, a clogged duct, stones, gull bladder… No idea.  I’m on a soft food diet which means soups, pudding, ice cream, yogurt, jello, cream of wheat, white toast, etc. I have to do this until my EUS scan in 3-4 weeks because the pancreas cannot be inflamed when they do the scan. The diet is to keep it from doing that. After the scan, if they still don’t know what’s wrong, I will still be on a very restricted diet to keep it from acting up. It doesn’t sound like fun…. No red meat, no ruffage – salads, uncooked veggies, whole wheat products – I just don’t know how I can be healthy eating this way.

What I need from my friends is juicing ideas.  I have a juicer that I borrowed from my aunt and I can use this to get my veggies, but I need recipes that taste good. This is from someone who really doesn’t like strong veggie taste. Please respond, tweet, Facebook or email your recipes and ideas!!! I need them all so I can be healthy!!


  1. I heard that the fruit taste covers up the veggies, especially like watermelon and I would try pomegranite. Don’t have any recipes though. If you have any, please share them with me. I have the magic bullet which has a juicer thing with it that I would like to try.

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