Posted by: hockeygrl1 | April 25, 2012

A Michigan Memory (Written in the 3rd Person)

Being near running or moving water of any kind is a calming experience for anyone. The north shore of Lake Superior on the UP of Michigan never disappoints. This is really true when you camp right by the lake so you can hear the waves on the shore all night. The smell of the mist splashing off the rocks along with the sound of the waves rocks you in to a deep, restful sleep.

In the morning you wake up to the smell of campfires being started so breakfast can be made. You enjoy the smell of wood burning instead of gas or charcoal, although any kind of outdoor cooking sounds good to you.  Soon smells of bacon, eggs and coffee fill the campground and you can hear families enjoying an outdoor breakfast together. They are talking and laughing and enjoying their experience of relaxing and spending time with each other.

Soon you hear the sound of cars as everyone leaves for the sight-seeing of the day. Today is waterfall viewing day. There are many along the coast here as creeks and rivers empty into the great lake.  You can hear them as you approach from the hiking trail and the smell of fresh rain fills your nose from the cool mist spraying from the falls. The water here is icy cold even in the summer but on a hot day it feels great on tired feet from hiking. Again, the sound of running water relaxes you. It washes the stress you have in your non-vacation life away. You sit and watch the kids and the dogs play in the water and stick their heads under the running water screaming, “It’s so cold!” It’s a wonderful view. Teenagers acting like children; it warms the heart.

On the way to pick fresh wild blueberries, you don’t even mind the smell of wet dog wafting up from the back seat. You’re just thinking a head to how much better these taste than store-bought blueberries.  They grow in the woods, in the shade of evergreens; the fresh smell of the evergreens hits your nose and you think of Christmas.  It is cool here and the ground you sit on feels moist under your butt. Everyone has their bucket and you are yelling back and forth making it a competition. It’s hard with the dogs eating them off the bushes too. These blueberries are sweeter than the ones you can get in stores as well as larger. Your fingers turn purple as you pick but the reward is greater than the blue fingers. Each of you pick half a bucket so you’ll get to freeze some when you get home for later use.

As you begin dinner back at the campsite, the kids are playing in the lake and the creek near by.  They are making a dam and trying to divert the path of the creek into the lake. These are teenagers again, playing like little kids.  It brings joy to your heart. After the grilled burger, beans and fruit salad, you and the kids use a pie maker to make little blueberry pies over the campfire. It’s a nice treat to have with hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows at the end of a long day. The smell of the roasting blueberry pies, just like in the oven, attracts neighbors, and there is talk by the fire late into the night about camping and the latest gadgets.

After dishes are done with water boiled on the campfire and everyone is in their tents, you once again get to listen to the water on the rocks as you fall off to sleep dreaming about the blueberry pancakes you’re going to make tomorrow.  It was a good day.


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