Posted by: hockeygrl1 | April 28, 2012

A vision for a garden

I have a vision for a garden. One that is my own, but at my parents house since I am so ill that I have to love here. You see, gardening was something I did before my diagnosis of lupus. Did I have issues before my diagnosis, yes. I remember a few times I was in the sun and suddenly became sick to my stomach and exhausted when I shouldn’t be. I just figured I was tried from work and kids, but no, it was lupus telling me sun and too much hard labor was bad.

Now back to my garden….

We brought a tree from my yard (the yard of the house I lost because I couldn’t afford it due to lupus); it’s a tree I bought because I always wanted a weeping willow. Mine is a ‘twisted’ willow. It has these twisted branches. They look kind of like hair does when you let it out of a braid and they look beautiful even in the winter. My son named this tree ‘The Dark Lord’. I felt the named tree was part of the family and needed to come with us. It’s there, out in my parents yard and he looks lonely.

That’s where my new garden will be; around my lonely twisted willow. I have a vision that there is a partial round garden around the base of the tree that travels off in a thinner part that looks like a dry creek bed that has plants in it that like rocks. There will be colorful flowers all around ‘The Dark Lord’ that are different heights and bloom at different times so there is always color. Can you see it? I can.

After the creek bed, the garden opens up and again has flowers of all heights blooming all year round. There will be all different colors, but a lot of purple. I want some garden decorations like butterflies, dragonflies, gnomes and the alligator mom brought me back from her vacation. Finally, to make this a relaxing place for me, I was a fountain and a bench. I hope with the sound of running water, I can find some relaxation. Maybe I’ll even get good enough a yoga to do it out there. They say this relaxation is good for my lupus and fibromyalgia.

I want to make this vision a reality, but I have some new/old health issues coming up again. Yes, when you see me I look and act normal, but THIS IS AN ACT. I am truly sick and in constant pain. I hope to have some answers on Tuesday after a special ultrasound (EUS). Then, maybe I can put my son to work digging up the grass so I can begin to make my little space in 40 acres.



  1. I’m so sorry, have 3 grown kids living with lupus, I know your pain.

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