Posted by: hockeygrl1 | November 7, 2012

Halo 4 Nerd Fest – A Mothers Point of View

I don’t claim to know much about video games, but it seems as if Halo is the Ms. Pacman or Super Mario Bros to my son.

Yes, I’m a mother of a gamer. My 19-year-old son talks to me about new games, campaigns in his games and the cool things he’s done in minecraft. I know enough to get Chris Kluwe and Andrew Reiner’s jokes and appreciate how the graphics in video games have evolved. The video game commercials attract my attention as well – sweet graphics set to 80’s rock songs, hell yea!

During E3 this summer, my son, Brandon came running out of his room screaming’ “Oh, Oh, Master Chief lives. It’s not just a trilogy.”  Being the cool 40-year-old mom that I am, I knew what he was talking about, his favorite video game series, Halo.

I’m one of those moms that allowed her son to play 1st person shooter games at a young age. You see, I don’t believe violent video games or movies corrupt our youth, bad parenting does. Take some damn responsibility (oops, that’s another blog). Being secure in my parenting skills, I allowed him to game and he’d talk about these games with me. He also explored XBox live. Yes, there is a lot of foul language and adult content, but again, he talked to me about it. There were friendships made over long distances and great discussions with adults, even about politics. How do I know all this? We talked about it. (Parents talk to your children)

What does all this have to do with Halo 4?

Well, Brandon and his nerd, geek friends (I say that in the most loving way) love it! They love it so much, they planned a party around it. Yes, I’m writing this as 10 teenage boys aged 16-19 are in my garage playing the Halo series from 1-3 in anticipation of the release of 4. They have the propane heater going because there’s no heat and they moved 3 couches from the house out there for comfort. There are 6 tvs, 3 pcs and music.

They planned this well. Caffeine in the form of pop (soda for those outside MN) is in abundance  They bought frozen pizzas and pizza rolls and lucky for them I made homemade lasagna and brownies for dessert.  They even had a surprise guest. One of the group moved away a few years ago and Brandon and Joel got him to join the fun.  No one knew. The look on their faces when he drove up was great.

They left at 6 pm Monday evening to get their new game.  I guess they had to get a number in line to get their game. They must have been one of the first in line because they were home by 12:30 and done playing by 6 am and sleeping.

You may think that I’m crazy letting 10 boys hang out with minimal supervision for 3 days, but I am a lucky mother and they are great kids. If my son stays out all night I know he’s either playing video games or Magic the Gathering not drinking or doing drugs. I guess video games are a good influence.

I guess I have a break until the next big game comes out. I hope it’s longer than a month, I need to recover.


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