Posted by: hockeygrl1 | June 10, 2013

I began to run….

After a 5 year flair, I’m finally feeling better. I’ve got a job and I’m training to do my 1st 5k. I’m going to run it.  

I started training about a month ago. It’s funny to think that back then I could hardly run for 1 minute and now I’m up to 8 minutes.  I downloaded a couch to 5k app in my Iphone.  It’s great. It’s slowly getting me to run more than walk. I’m kind of scared because my next session is running 20 minutes straight. I haven’t done that in years. (It went great)

The 5k is on June 15 so I have a half a month to get there.  My sister is running with me. I’m shocked!! She’s never wanted to do anything like this with me before.  Maybe it’s because I’m doing better. i don’t know.

I’m just happy that the 5 year skid seems to be done and hopefully I can stay healthy for a long time and live with lupus instead of die from it.

Running has been going better. I think i found the trick, besides the fact my jog is really a fast run, lol.

I run while centered. What is centered? Is being centered a physical state, as in my keeping my balance, or a mental/spiritual state made up with your values? It seems you hear this term “centered” in everyday dealings… Business, personal, sports.. everyone wants to be centered.

So what is this being centered? People may tell you in their own language to be centered in God, in Love, in Spirit, in Service, in Your Heart, in Beauty, in The Present Moment, or in the space two inches below your navel (which goes by many names in Eastern traditions). Everyone has their own reasons or beliefs. I would be centered in my heart and in the present moment because I am not religious.

The place for being centered is the belly button, see it has a use after birth! Think of the belly button as “that point from which, toward which, and around which everything else moves.” Ok, you all think I’m nuts now…. except the people that have been through HP2.

It’s hard to describe the process or feeling. It’s like meditation, just letting all the noise around you go and focusing on what is happening and important right now. So I let the thoughts of making dinner, doing laundry, the sounds of mom & dad arguing, kids requests and work problems go and I find a place to focus on (the back of my dog, the picture in front of the treadmill) and just breath and run.

I did this while swimming in high school without even thinking about it.  I had 20 laps so being focused was important. I’d get a pace in my head and count the strokes out 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1,2 ect… That’s all I focused on. There was no noise, no parents screaming in the stands, no coach and team on the sideline.  I’d look at the couch every now and then to see if my pace was fast enough, but I knew from practice that it was.  

THIS WAS MY HAPPY PLACE. Away from the teasing and drama of high school and stress from my family.  I believe swimming saved my life in high school.  If it wasn’t there it would have ended for me like it did for Dylan. High school can be a tough and scary place for some people and I cannot lie about it, it was for me.

So I listen to my heavy metal, alternative, whatever you want to call it, music, find my count and start counting. I hear the little person from the app calling out my pace and adjust it as necessary.  I sing along to the songs and just focus on that I’m doing right now, running and it feels good.


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