Posted by: hockeygrl1 | July 2, 2013

I inspire you?

It’s been nearly 6 years since I was diagnosed with lupus and since then a number of other autoimmune diseases. There have been a lot of ups and downs and even setbacks, but now I’m really on the road to recovery.

My recovery really began during the hockey playoffs because of a goalie. Josh Harding a Minnesota Wild player was diagnosed with MS last fall. It was a shame to see such a young player struck with such a serious illness. I didn’t think he’d return to the ice…. but he did.

I was reading and hearing about his story and how he was still on the ice despite his MS symptoms and medications thinking to myself “why can’t I do that?” I mean MS is as serious as lupus with fighting fatigue and he was having difficulty with his vision. They also were saying that they were treating his MS aggressively and there is no way to predict his future.

Wow…. I can relate to this. I mean fatigue is something I fight with all the time and future… You can’t predict that with lupus either. How I feel from day-to-day can change dramatically.

But, He was playing pro hockey and due to an untimely injury to a teammate, in the playoffs. Not only playing, but making great saves! And he has an autoimmune disease!

I decided that if he can play pro hockey, I can fun a 5k. OK maybe not run all of it, but finish for sure. So I started running. While running I found that I could find my center again. Even though it kind of sucked, it felt good as well. I also joined a run club and I run with them every Monday.

I did finish that 5k. I walked/ran it in 45 minutes. In the run club I’ve been focusing on just running 1.5 miles. The first few weeks I had to walk/run it, but the past 3 weeks it’s been all running.  I’ve gone from 26 minutes the first week to 19 just yesterday. My mile split yesterday was 12 minutes! So now the focus is running the 3 mile or 5k loop next week. My personal goal is to run the first 2 miles……

Back to my title. I’ve been told by a few people now that I inspire them. Let me tell you that every time I hear that it brings tears to my eyes. I never stared this to inspire others; I started it to improve me. I am improving. I’ve lost 20 pounds and it’s still going down. I have more energy and my depression that has been present and heavy ever since the diagnosis really set in has lifted. My outlook on life and just everything has changed.

I know that I can do anything even with lupus!

So if I inspire you, thank you. It is the greatest compliment ever and I will continue to do all I can to keep inspiring others.

Josh Harding said in a Star Tribune interview “Whoever is having a tough time with MS, if I cannot let this get me down and continue on to my goal, maybe that’ll help them out,” he said. “If I can help one person, that’s all it takes for me. If I can help out 100, it’s even better.”

He’s helped this one person out with lupus for sure.

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